In my opinion, politicians, lawyers and used car salesmen tell more lies than other groups ... the "Slick Willy" types that we all know. They please the ear, but dull the mind.

All of our current systems are built or predicated upon lies. If we continue to accept these lies, these systems, there is no hope. We must change these systems. Do not listen to what our elected officials say, watch what they do.Do not believe all you hear from our corporate and government controlled mainstream media. Their job is to support the agenda of corporate North America by presenting you with government press releases and talking points. Our job is to give you the TRUTH, as uncomfortable as that may be.

Reminding Politicians That They Serve Citizens First and Corporations Second.


He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose

mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. Thomas Jefferson

We will try our best to help you to SEEthe REAL TRUTH through critical thinking and the  questioning of the status quo. We will help you muddle through all of that political double speak our elected servants use to confuse us. We will no longer accept more of those "Slick Willy" answers (lies). Political accountability starts here.

My Top 6 Sources of Truth

Everybody Lies But

Who Exactly Lies

Government and mainstream media continually lie to you in an attempt to cover up their mistakes made through incompetency and mismanagement.

Why the Bad Guys Keep Winning


Welcome to RED DIRT TRUTH, where we will give you important truths, real news, and tools to help you to see and to navigate your way through the seas of lies, half truths, and misinformation that are perpetuated by government, their agents and the bought and paid for news media, the presstitutes. If you want to know "Why the Bad Guys Keep Winning" click more button below or on the title above. IMPORTANT TO READ